Sunday, January 2, 2011

white snow

 I came out of my hidey-hole after however many days of 6 inch snow & braved the weather to take these shots :( I feel so uninspired lately. Other than that, I really like how some of these came out, it kind of reminds me of an urban magazine ad... if you're going for that sloppy, street look mixed with some edginess? Haha, I never proclaimed myself to be a fashion nerd. But I did style this myself, with Ashlee's help (the model) & look- I can do other people's makeup besides my own! (SCORE :D)

 It's the new year and I'm hoping for some new things to happen in my rather boring life! I hope everyone brought in the new year safe, even though I wasn't quite feeling the whole Christmas & new years vibe. But to those who stick around for my lame posts, thanks so much! I always love coming back to the blogosphere.

Sincerely yours,


Anonymous said...

love the leather, boots and hat!!

Wicked Halo said...

the first pic is really lovely!

Amy T said...

these are lovely shots
well done of the styling and photography!

Anonymous said...

these photos are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love the edge they give!!!, and the fashion styling is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

lovely photos! I really like your bangs girl!

ShopeDelano said...

Stunning photo's! So edgy! Fantastic styling and photography, and a fantastic blog! Im now following <3 I look forward to the rest of your post.

Hope you can do the same!

CVNT said...

Your model has such stunning lips!
Kenita, the styling and make up are great, props to you! :)

Raez said...

love these looks! gorg model as well:)

and thanks for your sweet comment!

xx raez

▲ Nicci Bruce ▲ said...

You know you're the best right?

Vinda Sonata said...

seriously, she's gorgeous. she could be a celebrity if she wants to ( i mean it, really ).
i love the composition of the horizontal pictures, and her rock-chic style. i love girls who are daring enough to wear combat boots
as in the saying of the rock stars "boots are made for stomping"
indeed, they are !

Hello Naka said...

she looks so fierce! i love the phottos and your styling :0 great job!

JoeyAna said...

cute hat!


Milk Teeth Vintage said...

love your hat - I think we're all feeling a bit uninspired lately. I blame the weather.