Sunday, January 23, 2011

give 'em FACE honey, xD

She just couldn't handle the poking and the prodding, got a stick and told them all to "FUCK OFF!" Went back to her humble abode and poured herself some tea.

 The rats scurried and the birds cried for mercy. Her big doll eyes and unnatural pout turned ghoulish. "I'll show them all," she murmured.
Sticking her face into the silver gilted mirror so readily available her at her left hand, she daintily applied more blush and cleaned up the edges of her mouth.
 The lights dimmed and for the first time she recognized that she was truly one of a kind, and all alone and made of stone.
 She blinked, hello, and pitied all those who pitied her.


Vinda Sonata said...

OMG. how gorgeous ! this post is such a great, inspiring one. but then, you always know how to combine profound words with equally pretty pictures.
you're such an exotic-looking woman. great facial features, esp the thick lips. i always have a thing for thick lips. i find them very sexy :)

Adam said...

these phototos are ay may zing.
ARGH I KNEW I STOLE THAT BLURRY FACE THING FROM SOMEWHERE. i hate that, i thought i was being all original but NO, my subconcious has tricked me again.i really like the picture that is your header.
ay may zing x2

Hello Naka said...

amazing :3 u have photography skills! im very envious and lmao it was just by random luck we walkesd into a gay bar :D XD

louise said...

I love this series of photos!
The second last one is my definite favourite. I can't quite put into words what I love about it but the vibe is great.

Also, love your eyeliner.

isis said...

your new banner looks amazing! phenomenal shot.

S said...

Cool post!!!
Your photos are amazing!

Amie said...

hey there! thanks for the tips re: nyc!
its warming up i think, the weather hasn't been in the negative degrees lately! but its still hella cold! in australia where i'm from its summer now!


margg. said...

everything about this is just fabulous :)

love, love, love.

pixelhazard said...

You have such fun features

Bright Green Laces

Hello Naka said...

^^ i would lvoe to see ur bag :3 I left mine in hong kong becuase I didn't have enough space in my luggage :(

CVNT said...

These words are incredible.

"She blinked, hello, and pitied all those who pitied her"

Ahh, mind blown!

Every single shot taken just wicked,

vinda sonata said...

can't wait for your new posts !
how r u love?

are you also on facebook? i'll add you !!

Ms Fitz said...


Nikki said...

Love the pictures! Love the way you applied the eye liner! gorgeous! <3

pixelhazard said...

I love your header image. Gorgeous

Bright Green Laces

Amy T said...

gorgeous photos!
and ahah yeah it is my college it is like open space and has those round windows everywhere. its cool... sometimes lool

Veronica said...

cute pics and blog!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
thank you so much!

CC said...

The last photo. Oh my! it just WORKS

Diary of a Short Girl said...

Wow, you are gorgeous!! Great blog!

Diary of a Short Girl