Wednesday, May 19, 2010


(Edit: removed one photo :/)

You know, I've honestly thought about a lot of shit while deciding to create this blog. My main reason was to post photos I take on a daily basis and to just follow people I find amazing. I've been on the blogosphere since I was 15 but like all children who have strict parents, I was not allowed to post photos or do anything that would reveal the face who sat behind the computer. I followed most blogs on livejournal, read a shitload of yaoi and manga (still do), and developed a disgustingly sick passion for J-Rock and the vampire movement, but we'll talk about that later. As I got older I widened my horizons. I continued drawing, painting and photographing and that is how I ended up at places like chictopia and then Delance and then on to the smaller bloggers and amazing artists like Audrey. I am not ashamed to say it! I stalked most of these people for years.

I'm in the medical field, learning to be a physician's assistant, but I don't want that to consume all of me, and I figured I needed something that would give me a creative outlet. Now that I'm here I realized that I don't want to post about things that have no meaning, but like the pysch major I hope to be, I want to delve into people's minds, their conscious and their unconscious. Something like Sister Wolf. When I say I adore SW, I mean that I adore her. She writes about the most interesting topics and makes you wonder about things you thought you would never truly think about. She's witty and hilarious but she can be serious. I wish I was witty and hilarious- let me snap out of that.

Anyway, I bet a lot of people know about Jane from Sea of Shoes. I'm going to plainly state that I don't hate Jane, nor do I dislike the fact that she can blow money out her ass and create a geyser. I think that's great, cause I can blow glitter out my nose and breathe fire (I'm not joking), but I can't help but think that Jane is the kind of person that we admire and I wonder what in the fuck for when her blog is based solely off of her hobby. And if you ask me what, I'll tell you what! It's her goddamn name, SHOES! Do we admire her because she can afford shoes that cost more than our whole wardrobe and then some, or because she goes places we can only dream of? Or is it because we think it's fucking jolly to spend money like a nitwit when they're lots of folks who are starving? She lives right in Texas, close enough to Memphis and Mississippi, that she could lend a heaping money-filled helping hand. Just sweetly ask daddy, cause that's her modus operandi. Is this kind the kind of discipline we admire? But, we all covet and want things we can't have, we look but don't touch. But I ask, do you think it's okay?

PS. I'm over the frigging moon I tell you! I'm thanking each and every one of you personally for taking the time out to visit me. I have no steam to my train yet, but I'm so happy people enjoy my photographs all of which are shot by me, unless stated otherwise. And guess what? I finished my paper a couple hours before it was due. 10 pages of goddamned hell ! Next week is my last batch of finals then I'm home free. Take THAT, University ! Oh and, the pictures are of my best friend Karina. We shot the photos in her Elevator. Her makeup, styling and clothes were done by me. It's pretty obvious what we did all day, lol. Yay Guitar Hero!


JNava Clothing said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your blog... it's raw and inviting. Not to mention your photography inspires me. I have worked in the Fire Dept for the last 9 years... it has been my passion for the longest time, still is actually, but since my involvement with my brother in our clothing company in Denver, my focus has shifted. I love exploring and learning about new passions that spike our fancy. I am with you on following people that encourage us and motivate our lives, it truly is a beautiful thing. I hope you don't mind but I plan on stopping by more often, see what you have brewing ;)

All the best to you,

Mark Nava

ilsteviewonder said...

cool blog! can you follow me4 back please and comment my blog thanks =)

Alex Dom said...

love the first photos!

Jill said...

Here from SW...I like your honesty...oh, and I'd love to blow glitter out of my nose!

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

Hey girl,

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my blog! I like what I see here, too! Your photography is awesome; want to come take my photos??? And I have to say (be it blogger taboo or not) that I agree with your comments about Sea of Shoes. I met Jane in NYC over Fashion Week and the Chictopia Summit this past February, and folks were in awe of her like she was a celebrity! To me, that's not what blogging is about. It's about everyday people making connections, making art, and being expressive. Keep on keeping on! Love, Annie.

Jill said...

I've not her Marianne Faithful's song you suggested. I'm off to check it out. And thanks for the comments. I'm a total comment whore!

WendyB said...

Can we see video of your glitter trick?!

Kasia said...

so let me know when you do that tee! I'm glad that you like it!;)

Simonne said...

thanks for the kind comment you left me =)
i really love your pictures, they're really expressive!I love photography too and I try to do my best in order to get better and better, but unfortunately school takes me a lot of time, and im having my final exams in less than a month....
Btw for the effects i use a freeware software called "Photoscape", you should give it a try ;)

Kendr▲ said...

You blog is awesome! Love the photos you post, very inspirational. Will be back for more :)

Hope you can come check out mine and maybe even follow?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog girl! And I have to say that your hair curly (a couple entries down) looks amazing.
And on the blogger thing. I feel like most of the blogs I come across now are trying to blog to get famous. When I find a real, honest blogger, I follow them.

Martha said...

Firstly thank you for your comment, it made me smile :)
Also absolutely love your photography. I agree with you on the Jane from sea of shoes thing, I mean I think it's great that she's doing what she loves but you've gotta wonder how she can justify spending that much on shoes when she's only 16! Hmmm...the mind boggles <3

Rachel Lynne said...

Thanks for the kind comment! Your definitely have to check out more birdie busch, great chill music to listen too. I love these shots! I've been in a big rock n' roll mood lately, my fav. is prob the second. But the first is amazing too! Something really interesting about her eyes, great post!

Simonne said...

Yessa it was amazing!And the scenography was just perfect, as you can see from the costumes and the small lake on the left...
Tragedies aren't that full of action, but liked it anyway. And also when the king of Sparta arrived i shouted "this is sparta!" for joke and everybody started staring at me...ahhahahaha

lesinfin said...

Lovely blog!! Thank you so much visiting me ;-) Your pictures are wonderful! And congrats on finishing your paper--10 pages is a freaking commitment!
Have a great weekend!

Vinda Sonata said...

your blog is really enjoyable! i can totally relate to your story--i'm raised in that kind of family, too. the first time i uploaded my face on the net my father got very freaked out about that, so i ended up deleting that!

yaoi mangas used to be my guilty pleasure (i even got detention because of it once back in the highschool days ;) )

anyway, awesome pics!
let's be friends. keep in touch. you seem like a very fun girl!

i'll now follow you!! ^^

Anonymous said...

The film camera I use is a Pentax K1000 SE

Martha said...

Thanks!!! Teyana Taylor is awesome :)
Hahaha to be fair I cock up my words even with no worries.

If I had Jane's money well not going to lie, I would buy some new clothes because right now my wardrobe is looking a bit bare. To be honest I'd probably put it in savings and wait until I really needed something before spending it.

N.A said...

Hi, I really enjoyed reading this post. I draw and paint myself and would like to see some of yours if, ofcourse, you would like to post them (?) :)
And I like your pictures, especially the last one.

Dusk said...

(hmmm... I really thought I had left a comment here... eek. I have blogzheimers.)

I do have a lot to say because I agree with everything you say but not much time and you really don't need to read an essay! As much as I do like Jane's sense of style... I am uncomfortable with the excess. yes they "thrift" but I don't see the point if you're just going to blow the equivalent of a 3rd world country's budget on a pair of shoes to match the "thrifted" item.

I try not to judge such things. Everyone is entitled to abundance. Everyone being the key word. Alas, that's not the reality is it?

Let's talk about you though.. You are fascinating.

What does "garakami" mean? Is it Malaysian? Sounds Japanese and seeing you are a fan of manga...

Love the pics of your friend and I LOVE this pic of you. Another mirror to your multifaceted character. Love it!

ps. I take all my own pics with a snazzy point & shoot (Fuji finepix f70) mounted on a tripod, utilizing my 10 second timer and 3 or 12 frame burst.

Dusk said...

Very quickly again (sorry hon, am in a rush, it's after 5pm here and I had to go out at 5!)...I agree with everything you say re thrifting and the SoS family's idea of it.

I do like her artistic and rather wicked nature though and she has made it clear her blog isn't about the meaning of life. It's an indulgence for her and it is we that have put her on a pedestal. Not sure she asked to be there.

I don't wear and tell ever because I like the mystery of it but, eg, my latest post, entire outfit cost less than AUS$40, top to toe, vintage things, thrifted things, new things drastically reduced on sale, shoes on sale 85% off to less than AUS$10, etc.

That is a major 'mission' of my blog. To reiterate that money does not buy style.
Labels and the spending of money does not validate me. An 'it' bag does not make me a "style icon" (freakin' overused term that!).

At the risk of sounding like I need to justify myself, if I wished to, I am able to buy designer wear and spend copious amounts on items. I work hard and I deserve the money I earn BUT... I cannot justify excess. My conscience will never let me.
It is up to those who can afford to splurge to readdress the balance of this very unbalanced world.

My altruism sounds naive and judgemental. So be it.
...But I do not get the hypocrisy of eg. a UNICEF sanctioned Gucci bag that costs thousands but if you buy it, a piddling percentage goes towards starving children in Africa... WTF?????? If you can afford the bag, just give the money!!! urrgghhh.

I must stop for now, must go!!

I love your mother's attitude!!

This conversation is TBC!

LUU H. said...

ah, you read manga ?cool !

Away with the fairy's said...

Those pictures are amazing!

Martha said...

I haven't heard the Tinchy stryder,Ora, Craig david tune. But Tinchy is my boyyy So i'll be sure to check it out :)
Ha!! I literally have nothing because I have this habit of constantly clearing out my wardrobe.
I have issues

N.A said...

AAhh, thanks for the tips, I will definitly try sushi at least once more :)

Actually, I've posted some of my paintings before, and there are many more to be posted, so stay tuned :)
Looking forward to see yours :D

Gaby said...


I am new-ish to blogger and I found your blog. You are awesome!
I am going to follow you

have a great day!

InnyVinny said...

Looks like you have plenty of steam to me. =P

And I have to see this glitter-out-the-nose action. For real.

I'm a HUGE fan of SW. Happy to call her a friend. Very provocative and thoughtful posts...even when it comes to Jane (I swear, the "hate" comes from a good place...of concern...).

I'm weird about my blog, too. I don't want it to be shit I show off to the world. If anything, I want to show that you can be relatively "normal" as income goes and still have style/fashun as an outlet for creativity. That and a place to post all the b.s. and funny stuff I find on the internets.

Make the blog yours, whatever that means to you. I'd love to see more of your photography and all the psych stuff you have planned.


I just love your blog, and thank you for visiting DI$COUNT. I truly admire Sister Wolf as well. Apart from being an incredible woman, she is also a bloody gem in a (blog) world full of clones - she manages to remain completely unique and most importantly, INTERESTING.

Keep up the great work on your blog too and thanks for a great post xoxo

margg. said...

your blog is lovely.
and that's exactly what it is.
your blog.

do with it what you feel :)

Emilie said...

Great post!!!!!

Miss Woo said...

Point taken on the 'orginality' front, I don't think anyone can be truly 'original' in fashion unless he is the bloke that invented trousers, ha.

And I like Sea of Shoes actually, I think Jane has good taste in music and unusual sense of style, as a personal fashion blogger I don't think she's uninteresting. If I want to be informed or get angry at some awful captalistic practice I would read a newspaper, I wouldn't read fashion blog. Haha is that an awful attitude?

and youu really are too kind in your comments and don't give yourself enough credit, your posts are fascinating!

rouli said...

amazinnnnnnnn post!!!!!!

lovely outfits!!!!!!!

love ur shirt and trousers!!!!!!


pls come visit and join:))


kayleigh said...

like the second photo