Sunday, May 23, 2010

i'm going to need you to do as i say

When I tell you to listen to this song:

J*Davey- Get Together, when reading the rest of this post.

I think it's about time you got a proper shot of my face this time around. Sooo, booga-wooga, here goes!

Better that that? Okay, let's try this again.

I hate this photo, but can you tell I have a serious thing for my D.I.Y pants? As in, creating them myself and all that junk and having my house permeate in the noxious smell of Clorox 'til I get so sick from coughing that I'm hacking up food like a cat whizzing out a hairball- true story. But that only happened once when I got too carried away with the special effects I was creating on a pair of black jeans, which turned burnt orange and black. So good. Thank god for grandmothers with sharp fingers. Last but not least (I feel like a cam-hog) but I really don't like the previous photo.. *Might remove it later*

That's a little bit better. I wish you could see my earrings! Absolute lust. LEOPARD. (Sorry for the shitload of flicks).

Onto other things. I learned some interesting facts about the U.S. and their food habits during my last Nutrition class. Did anyone notice just how high the rate for death from obesity has risen in the past 30 (THIRTY! cause I'm stressing it like a mother) years? Okay, well, it's gone up by 35% and it's CLEARLY rising. That's one point something percent for every year.

I felt really kinda sloppy eating some fries in class when my professor steadily turned his laser-point vision on my crouched over should-not-be-eating-during-class-time gobbling form, to mention that McDonald's and the places we like to eat from, the fast-food joints in particular, are considerably helping us gain weight, like that isn't obvious. Not to mention, said fries were from said food joint. My professor's an asshat for that one. Well, another thing that I'd like to point out is how much technology is playing a big role and how little education on proper eating habits are putting people at risk for stroke, diabetes, liver disease and a whole host of other things that inevitably lead up to DEATH. Not cool. But at least something is trying to get done, the government wants to put a hand in gradually changing the amount of salt in our food and actually making it: lower in sodium.

Just a quicky: has anyone ever read and examined sodium on the UAPC, sorry, packaging labels on food? Did you know that the "low sodium" content foods tend to have just as much, if not more, sodium as the regular foods? (Or light mayo, my specialty is Hellmans, has more of the things we're not supposed to eat in it?) And that no matter how little salt you try to involve in your diet, your daily amount of sodium will linger past the 2,000 mark at the very least? Now, think over the week, how much sodium you'll actually consume, when the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences recommends the highest amount of sodium to be 3,300 mg for a day, and just one meal at a fast food joint is at least 3,800. And if you're like me, on occasion, that's not all you'll be eating for the day.

And, this doesn't go for other continents besides North America, but the West has a serious issue with sugar. I mean, MAJOR, problem. Bloomberg is thinking of passing a tax to promote people from not buying sugary drinks, beverages and things of the like. Read it here.

I'm not trying to say these fast-food joints and other things, have got to go, because they're real life preservers when I'm out at sea during the day, but just know that keeping a healthy balance of food in your life is what makes the risk for such problems so much lower. I'm noticing a lot of people talking about how much their weight is bothering them and how the Beyonce diet (here) is going to help them. Well, IT'S MURDER TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE, just saying. It's unhealthy, point blank period.

If you're wondering what inspired this post, it's the fact that I'm bloated beyond belief every 21 days, for 4 days, and I felt like shit. Sorry guys, but you're not girls, and you will never have to understand. My rings can't fit on my finger kind of bloated and my jeans in this post were about to pop. But, don't take this post the wrong way. When you can eat food in moderation, and exercise you'll be fine! Just, look out for the supersize me combos and the 24 ounce jugs of Arizona ( I need to take my own advice, Arizona's Iced tea is addictive) because most of these things are actually several servings each. And not just one. Think 2-4 servings.

Be careful about what you pop into your mouth, be cautious with the labels, READ BEFORE YOU EAT. So, tell me now, what are some of your guilty pleasures, and do you think the government's lowering of sodium is good or bad? And the taxing on sugar, what's your opinion?

PS. This is for the Americans! I don't think Europe, or anywhere else for that matter, has the nasty shit KFC advertises in the U.S, but did anyone see the new KFC monstrosity: doubledown? What the fuck! is that shit?! No, don't answer that. The picture speaks for itself.


Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

I think you are beautiful and you are really doing a good job on you blog. I'm gonna tell my sister about this post, she is a dietician student. I believe everything in moderation is ok. Well ok, almost everything! :) And I know about the bloating, I have also been pregnant twice. Luckily beauty is not a size!

Cucu said...

Thank you sweetie for your amazing comment! You have really nice pictures here!!! Will read that post later - because I'm starving! *haha*

Amy T said...

I love your DIY skinnies against that top. pretty perfect in my eyes

Naka said...

omg about the obesity Im hapy i officially joined the gym today ^^

:p and great photo effects!!

Esther said...

I like the music and the way you edited these pictures! You look great :)

Jill said...

If you haven't seen it, watch the movie Food, Inc. It's very interesting.

Gaby said...

your so cute and this song is wonderful!!!!

Miss Woo said...

Actually obesity is also an rising problem in the UK too. Aggressive low cost supermarket promotions and general misinformation from fast food chains encourage unhealthy eating. Having say that, I like all the major suspects (Mcdonalds, KFC etc), but I also work out a lot. Still doesn't stop me from eating shit time to time, lol.

and thank you for the comment, I like to talk so feel free to start chatting through comments ^^ You have fabulous style!

B-in-To said...

Hello I discovered your blog only today I love your DIY jeans I tried to do it but my jeans was too dark lool.Follow me on

Caitlin said...

bleach is addictive. dont start dripping nail varnish on shit... its hard to stop xx

isis said...

nice effect on the first two! great top♥

inked said...

great look, but yeah i stay away from fast food .... it's just sick

Isabelle said...

i loove the first pic.x

Miss said...

First of all, I LOVE your pictures in this post. You are beautiful, and the effects are so whimsical. Your jeans are FANTASTIC.

Second, you've raised some great points about serving size. I am from Australia and was shocked at the difference in fast food serving sizes when I first visited New York a few years ago. Especially with soda -- those cups are huge! Sodium is such a silent issue, compared with fat and sugar. I can't believe that a meal from a fast food chain has more than the total RDI. Your advice -- about reading before you eat -- is measured and sensible. There's no need to blacklist foods from your diet, and even fast food has it's pros. What's important is to be aware of what you're putting into your body.

garakami said...

Miss, I cannot see you, but I'm so happy with this comment. I know my "story" was more like an "essay," but this comment made the post worthwile!

Blimey you should see the jugs of candy they have readily available and how school halls are lined with vending machines promoting candy bars and other nasty goods. No one on the planet of this earth, in this day and age, should be eating Twinkies. That's death in the form of a treat.

But, you've gotten the gist of what I was trying to say! Thank you! If you weren't faceless and nameless, or otherwise a thousand miles away I give you a kiss ! <3

Anonymous said...

AMAZING photos
loving the look
you have a great blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing, love it


Faridah said...

I love these photos, especially the first two. Really cool effects!

I don't live in a dormitory, just an old style house. They call them Queenslander houses, and they typically have polished wooden floors and white wooden walls.

Thank you for your comment! :D

Faridah said...

I apologise, I didn't mean for my appreciation to be a slap in your face. I just don't want to seem as though I'm taking your visits for granted.

:) I will remember to keep it short and sweet.

chibi said...

eating healthy is getting more and more difficult now that all sorts of companies are capitalizing on the "health-craze" ... for example, labeling things ORGANIC just so they can jack up the price
its ridiculous and yea you really have to "read before you eat"
still, a burger and fries with a milk shake is nothing bad if taken in moderation ;)

love your DIY jeans btw!!

Veronica Anita said...

grrreat blog :)
you look stunning, love your pants <3
I do think obesity is a serious problem, and i'm affraid of being fat, hehe
That kind of junk food is not healty at all, but I must admit, they're hard to resist. Aarrgh. Gotta find a way to ressist 'em and start a healty diet from now on.

Please visit comment and follow me @

Nikki said...

Nice pictures :)

Naka said...

RE: tehe there was a HIM ticket I went to see them in march tehe :p

Nikki said...

HAHAHA, Thankx.
Hope I can listen to your squeaky tiny voice one day. HAHA :D

Amy T said...

hehe i got my dr martens for £11 with post and packaging! i was so happy when no one else bid!

and i just checked out who Audrey Kawasaki is. and her work is so cool using wood as a canvas... pretty cool!


Loving you + loving your pictorials

Lets Play!

Yours Truly


Dusk said...

Oh WOW!! There is so much to read and reflect and comment on in this post!!

Again I am in a rush (tis past 11am here and I have work appointments) so will have to come back but
a)SUGAR is the enemy!!!! Not fat. Sugar. AND what's worse, it's fruit sugar -fructose- that is pure evil. our bodies need fat unless you're a catwalking stick with a vagina.
b) the only salt our bodies are equipped to process is Celtic Sea Salt because this retains the nutrients that made salt the miracle mineral.

I always read food packaging. Low fat is a joke. I NEVER buy/eat/drink low fat because the sugar content is always higher than normal fat. are GORGEOUS and not just because you are physically gorgeous. I LOVE your feistiness. Charisma. You have it in bucketloads.

...I do love the Alice in LSD land effect of the first 2 pics!! but you can't beat the mysterious sensuality of the 3rd one...

Anonymous said...

When I first came back to America last year for school, I was shocked at how BIG food was. I mean the serving sizes is for two people! When my boyfriend and I go out, we share the meal. It's reached a point where it disgusts me.
I watched Food, Inc. about a month a go and that goes even deeper into the practices of the big corporations who are controlling it all.
It's just a run-away train. It's never going to stop.

etoilee8 said...

This song is GREAT. Thanks for the heads up. And by the way, most professors are asshats.

Khaosprinzessin said...

I really like your photos!

About the food: I don't think it's only a problem in the USA. It's the same in Germany and probably most other European countries.
And of course I'm guilty of eating too much "bad" food, too xD

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

Well, thank you so much for! I think you look great in skinnies and you should be so proud of your hair! I would die for that hair! My sister has read it, but I can see she didn't leave a comment. She found it very interesting. We had a phone conversation about it.

I travel a lot to the US and I also find that the portions are huge. I think that is part of the problem. Together with a lack of daily exercise. I don't mean jogging or going to the gym. I don't do that stuff. I mean actually getting out of your car to do errands and maybe walk to work or the grocery store. I think the everyday exercise like taking the stairs, working in your garden, walking your dog or playing with your kids is the most important. But I will never give up my chocolate! I say like Katherine Hepburn once: "What you see before you, my friend, is the result of a lifetime of chocolate."

I just don't think you should go to extremes in any way. Extreme diets are not good and neither is eating fast food every day all day. I think if you eat healthy you can treat yourself to some junk of your choice now and then. And still have a clean conscience. You have a great point, that it is from knowledge health comes.

Also, I am so sorry your professor's an asshat. I am a high school teacher. And hopefully not so often an asshat... :)

margg. said...

i love this song :)


Veronica Anita said...

you're so nice. thx :)

of course I love avenged sevenfold !
have you check out their new song? it's sounds awesome !
yes yes yes, I love those guys too
I was sad when I heard Rev passed away :( it won't be the same without him

I've never watch their concert too
I can't go when they came here for the second time, and I really regret it
gotta watch 'em next time!

hmm, I don't really know about that kind of music, but I listen to anything great
do you have any recommendation?

Sonia said...

We have KFC in the UK! I know junk food is bad but... it is so nice! Haha well, not nice, but definitely one of my guilty pleasures!
Anyway, your pants are amazing - you DIY-ed them?! Wow. They're really good. I tried bleaching jeans once - FAILLLL hahaha.

Anyways, I love love love your blog!!

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Orchid said...

wow i love the way yoo do your images...real blog. cheers!!!

ilsteviewonder said...

your blog is great! those pants are super hot! kinda like the one i did myself a while back! could you email me what kind of camera you use im in the process of buying a new camera and could you follow my blog back thanks xoxoxoxo. P.s. your gorgeous! =)



Wendy said...

I'm loving these photos, such a nice vintage feel with a twist.

Erin Nicole said...

your photos are fantastic!!! as well as the DIY pants.....those food facts thought are slightly disturbing, but unfortunately nothing I haven't heard before...

Vinda Sonata said...

i LOOOOOVE your writing style. very personalized, honest, and funny. anyway, you look great!i love your jeans and your hair!!!

i can totally understand the weight gain issues, it's difficult for me to accept that, too. haha.

p.s. thanks for liking the writing. it's a part of my novel project, which main character is inspired by my favorite singer :)
keep in touch m'dear <3

i'll now follow you back!

Margaret said...

wow! awesome photos :D
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx

Closet full of hopes and dreams said...

Oh, my gosh! Am I not following you??! This has to be fixed! I will start right now and soon you will appear on my bloglist!

Living in an ongoing renovation project is very disturbing. I hope your mom's good couch is ok! I don't have a good couch. I used to have a really bad one and now I have two bad ones. And the globe, yes it's pretty right? I love the fact that it glows. Winters here are really dark. My husband got that globe from his parents for his birthday a few years ago. Great gift! I think more people should give vintage. The earth would like it.

I like your reasoning girl! You should be in politics!

My favorite chocolate. Hmmm, that's a tough one. I like all the one's you mentioned. I think my current favorite is one called Dark Milk with really dark chocolate inside and milk chocolate covering it.

I agree, what he did was kind of asshatish.

Sonia said...

Thanks for your comment(s) :)

Errm I don't know why that post doesn't work for you... It should work now :) it's not very interesting though!

I know, the last question was pretty hard! The next interview should be up in two weeks, when I get back.

And yeah, the UK is full of junk food, there's mcdonalds literally on every street. And we have fish&chip shops too, which are reaaally unhealthy D: But no Twinkies! What are they??

Sonia // Dozen Dresses xo

Cocò (daddysneatness) said...

hey darling you look amazing! I love your jeans, your hair and your top! Xoxo

bravegrrl said...

lovely photos :)



great images, especially 2 and 3 is like a dreamy editorial. food issue - long story, i tell everyone to watch 'food, inc' documentary, read labels and if possible buy organic only.

t said...

Cool pants!

M. and O. said...

What beautiful pictures, we love it :)

Kisses from France
Olivia & Mariam

Amy T said...

hehe i always look tired its because i am lol i had only 9 hours sleep... thats alot but i need more to feel alive again! and im wearing no makeup except eyeliner, im so lazy with makeup i can't be bothered most days and when i do make the effort its a little foundation on the eyes, blush and eyeliner!

and thank you! i was so happy when i found out! :D

and nope i dont think i want any more peircings, i think ears are enough! have you got any more piercings?

& i just listened to the song you posted. her voice is lush

Danielle Barbe said...

GOOD post!

i don't listen to fever ray but i'm a fan of the knife! so many good music releases this month... been listening to the new national, black keys, dead weather, rogue wave, band of horses, and now STP!

any good music reccomendations?

Amy T said...

ooo that sounds cool having a tattoo that's hard to find. and what were you thinking of doing? what kind of field are you in, design wise?

ooo cool i'll give them a listen soonish! i got to go in a bit!

and i do have facebook but i hardly use it! i use blogger so much more. facebook is seriously annoying!

Amy T said...

yesss i love that image too! its so amazing that zine i cant wait till i can buy one its so intricate and so much time and effort has gone in to it!

im not in fashion too,but i wish i done a subject in it. also you should psot up some of your work! would be lovely to see it!

CitizenOne5Nine said...

photos are so amazing!!!! especially that second one!

Anonymous said...

Man. Your blog is AMAZING! Did you say automatic love? =)) I am sick of random look at me blogs and yours is such a breath of fresh air, fab pics and fab art! Love it! xoxo

Lecon de vetement said...

you have such a pretty face!

explicit.rex said...

so the photo you hate is actually my favorite out of the group. Anyway, dig yr pants!