Tuesday, May 18, 2010


MUSIC: Ghost Under Rocks- Ra Ra Riot

Had my psychology final today and did well. I wept for the demise of my trusty tripod. Honestly, if it's not one thing then it's the next. Witnessed and fell prey to my grandmother's vomit all over the bathroom, and stared at my wall for over an hour. Then I drew on my jeans- doesn't it look like some kind of glob thing? Look at its two arms and awkward wobbly body! Anyway, I played with my bathroom's ghosts and retired for the night. Almost. THERE.

Well, not really. I still have a 10 page final that's due tommorrow. God save the Queen.

Have a lovely day my loves.


Naka said...

cool about the psychology ^^

and great shoes and outfit ^^
thanks for the advice aswell I can play on difficult and some expert songs on DDR, but I would like to be able to play for longer :p

Faridah said...

Wow! These photos are beautiful. I really love your pants.

Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to comment.

I do shoot most of my photos on my own, with tripod and self-timer or remote, but every now and then I'll hit someone up that's close to me to shoot a post to achieve different perspective.

As with the mole, it was growing large, fast, and no one wants that on their face. It also had the potential to be suspect, so to have it cut out later on when it was big and bad would have left me with scarring that made it not worth keeping at all.

I hope I answered your questions! :D

Thanks again.

Sarah said...

these pants are awesome! great colour and amazing photos xx

LUU H. said...

awsome pants !

LUU H. said...

no or i have hear about the band before, but i have never heard their music. hmm, maybe i shoould? which song should i hear ?

LUU H. said...

haha, i started to wander why i srote eggss :P lol. oh, that is why it heard so familiar :P

LUU H. said...

umm,i think im in love now : 3

Leigh said...

Fantastic photos!! But sorry about the vomit :| And congrats with getting your final done.. Yay for summer!! :)

KALIN said...

Beautiful photos : )


Trop Rouge said...

really cool pants! super sweet

JNava Clothing said...

Now following your amazing blog... fantastic photos. I love appreciating fantastic photography and a creative mind. Congrats on completing your final, and cheers to an amazing rest of your day!

Warmest regards from Denver,


daisymay said...

That first picture is awesome! So spacey!

Anonymous said...

Diggin these crazy a$$ pics!


Anonymous said...

This is a great outfit, I love the pants, the print is really cute.


sayablack said...

Amazing shots!!
I adore your boots.

Dusk said...

Wow this is crazy. In a good way! Really really good shots and editing... this whole theme is a study in master psychology! Good luck for the rest.


The Queen of Hearts said...

These are fantastic fantastic fantastic images! I don't know how you doctored them so -- perhaps photoshop, either way, you look amazing and they are very thought provoking!

well after this, I should thinking nothing of falling down stairs


wow loving especially the first shot.

pixelhazard said...

RIP tripod! I really likenthe first pic and I just realised where it was taken.

Your jeans sketch kind of reminds me or some sort of anatomical structure

+ the necklace isn't made up of ribbon but wetlook fabric. I'll take a proper photo soon and post it


Rachel Lynne said...

Very cool shots! The first one is my favorite, stunning! Good luck with your finall, thankfully finished last week ♥


Nicci said...

Wow. These photos are amazing! Very very cool.

Thessy & Yiota said...

loving the tie dye

stop by our fashion blog, we hope you love it!

xx .sabo skirt.


CC said...

Fabulous photos! The pants are kick-ass. :)

inge luciana said...

good luck for the final.. and cool pants, really love it!! ^^

xoxo, ingeluciana.blogspot.com

Tamia said...

LOVE the photography effects and slightly overexposed images. I'm so lazy when it comes to photo editing--thanks for the inspiration.

I hope your grandmother is okay. I know it can be traumatic to see people you love in pain/discomfort.

Good luck on the paper!


LA said...


Thanks for the inspiration, probably my next diy will be those pants!


Ingrid. said...

Love your haiir!!

Adrianna said...

the jeans! oh wow. suits you to a T girl!

hot marmalade pudding

libys11 said...

those pants are so rad!!! you are so rocking this look!! wicked cool :D

i love the first photo the most!

CC said...

Since I know that there is no way I could leave a comment half as amazing as the one you left me, I shall say just this:
You super kick-ass comment just totally made my day. Oh, and also.
You're kinda ... how do you say... awesome?! ;)

Anonymous said...

REALLY LOVE YOUR BLOG! great photo's!



I love your shoes! So awesome!


Ingrid. said...

haha aww thank uuu!
btw u can translate my blogg; if u look on the left side you see "google translate" hope it works!.

I cant wait to see your next posts!:D i'll follow uu.


Nice blog !!! I love your taste !

I'm a fashion photographer.
visit to see my archive, you will love them!!


Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

Those pants are effing amazing! And I love how you managed to make a bathroom look glam in these photos!

Princess Margot said...


Thanks for visiting my castle!!!! You have some amazing pictures in here!!!!


Anonymous said...

those are beautiful photos, wow.
You are so amazing!
Love, Poppy
The Culture Kitten ( my fashion blog )

Kasia said...

you have such a great pics! nice!


InnyVinny said...


I love your hair. And I love those pants. Yup.


My grandmother used to live with me and I understand it's not always easy, especially if they're sick. Hang in there & love her!

You look gorgeous - those pants are sweeeet xxoo

Anonymous said...

absolutely love those trousers and shoes

Krimly said...

great shoots!!