Monday, October 25, 2010

filming alice.

The night after.. from gara-ni on Vimeo.

Took a video of Alice and decided to add random music to it. This is the product :)


Anonymous said...

i have to say the video is very creative and the music really fits it but two things im wondering one is she acting or that just a normal wake day thing? and 2 what song is that?

garakami said...

@Anonymous: thank you, thank you, thank you! i would love to say she's acting, but alice is a TERRIBLE actor, lol, so i just filmed her taking directions as closely as possible, lol. and the song is Odessa by Caribou.

and lastly, heavens no! i can't really imagine anyone having three cigarettes in the morning right after waking up.... w/o brushing their teeth! XD

Anonymous said...

Ah! lol true but wouldn't brushing your teeth before smoking three cigarettes be a little redundant? Are you studying film or photography? b/c you have a lot of talent that when focuse would probably blow the minds of everyone who saw it. If you are wow! do you have any interesting school assignments that you went all out on?

garakami said...

lol, you're absolutely right about the smoking thing, but still :) just to make it seem a little more pleasant i guess? scratch that, smoking is bad either way you slice it! :P

and i'm so sorry to burst your bubble, i think, but i am as unschooled in this as it goes. whatever i know about camera's i learned on my own, or i learned alongside my friend karina, who actually goes to school for photography.

i plan on doing a few really cool assignments though, when i'm not so absorbed with school, so stay tuned! :D <3

Anonymous said...

lol yeah but im pretty use to smoking my school is full of smokers. and nice!!!!!!!! i cant wait to see them. i envy deep photographers im not as deep with photos when i take a picture it tells more of a picture to the people who see it than it does to me and most of the time i cant for the life of me think of a way to describe it b/c when i first took it all i could think was wow... this is beautiful piece of life that needs to be captured, or i wonder what my face says today? ~__~ its so hard to be able to put so much meaning into photography. but you seem to have mastered it well...though putting meaning into isnt the right way to put it i guess applying it to your life in a unique and meaningful way is a better way to phrase it. :-?