Monday, July 12, 2010



Green Tea ice cream and seafood paya thai. I live on it. It is 1:07 and at 1:30 I have class. I have gained 4 pounds in three weeks. My hair is braided, and I look like Arthur, the cartoon mouse. I'm going blind, even though I'm already blind. I've cut myself twice by accident due to exhaustion, one of the times being when I missed landing on the bed and cracked my foot on the dresser. I am in denial. I am also overly excited because I haven't had a cold yet :) Except people always say I look like a pirate because I am permanently scowling. Except in my brain, I look just like this! TIRED AS FUCK, because I now understand the meaning of "time flies right past." Now, what did you say? Huh? I thought so...

 In general, I am blinded by lust. I love Cami and Nadia of Di$count. There are some instances where designers claim an attempt at trying to be original, but honestly this girl duo (I still stick by the claim that nothing is original) makes me feel like I've never seen such shit in my life, therefore it makes things original! Am I making any sense? Yes? No? Soooooo, I guess I'll be dreaming about this ring while I'm sniffing Chemistry up my nose and beating Biology into my ears. *sniff*

I would trade a kidney for this ring..... or several rings, as it goes. I promise I will get my shit together. Just... bear with me. Whoops! It's time for fucking Writing and Communications. Let us bow our heads in prayer. But on to other things...

My shots from the 4th of July (raw photos)- meaning no edits. Just straight shots directly off the camera with a retarded ass setting, because my camera decided to act the fool. I advise you click on the pic to enlarge it.


InnyVinny said...

Please take a nap when class is over, mmmmkaaaaaaaaay?

ilsteviewonder said...

Really great photos! I still havent gotten to see fireworks but 4th of july is over here. so i guess I'll have to wait til next year! :)

Dusk said...

WOWWWWWW!!!! I LOVE these images!!! Raw and alive!
...but then see... so are you.

Raw as in wonderfully real and just pulsing with life. That first paragraph is just... on speed!

Time flies past alright and we are all just tempus fugitives... ;)

You are wonderful. You look wonderful. Your mind is crazy. Wonderful! But please don't be so tired that you keep hurting yourself, not good... and that's my mother side speaking now. Okay young lady? :)

I can do without the Green Tea ice cream but that ring... gasp!! Must have. And they're Australian!!

You've already got your shit together girl. Different times for everything. x

Naka said...

great photos and i hope ur leg is okay D:

Amy T said...

Arthur as in this arthur?

he's a aardvark! I thought he was a mouse too before i done some googling hehe. I still watch this show, its so sad that i spend my other time watching them on youtube. Its just too good.

i hope you'll feel better soon. when i was revising, i felt like i was suffering from mental exhaustion.

also amazing pictures of those fireworks!
i can never take good ones!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i love those fireworks...and especially love that glittery pink picture! very cool!
xox alison

JNava Clothing said...

Hey pretty lady, I've been a way for a while... I've missed your blog and posts immensely! Thought I'd pop in and say hello. Great shots as usual, all the best to you.


Kasia said...

nice photos!

Sovina said...

just stepping in to say that you have a great great all the bright colors on you and on the blog..and please take good rest so that you are able entertain your readers with your wonderful posts

have a great weekend :)

and, following you now..

N.A said...

You have been tagged ;) (check out my blog, heheh)

btw. nice pics :)

Adam said...

ah man i love the di$count duo.

but thankyou for the compliments.

i feel pain when you talk about your cuts. hope they heal.

Ducia Ciao said...

I love when girls go au natural and I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! I've always wanted an afro even though my mom said I should be thankful for my straight hair. I still don't like it though.

Anyway, I have a contest going on, please visit if you can ; ) I'm excited for it because it's my first one.


beautiful first two shots.

Nicci Bruce said...

Okay, at first I was a bit "ew" at the mention of green tea ice cream, but now I'm intrigued. WHAT IS THIS NEW WONDER? Tell me more!